Opposition Supporters in Singapore Always Get Fired from their Jobs?

The following article was written by a certain Kane Camden in Singapore.

that goes to show , pro-PAP is no use.... time to wake up !
I just need to tell you few stories, firstly my school mate, a FB manager of 20 years making $6000++ a month has been replaced by a cheap Pinoy. All these years, he is very PRO PAP and repeated PAP mantras such as Singaporeans are lazy, cannot work long hours and Singapore government has to import foreigners to do the jobs. Maybe he thinks he is PRO PAP and believes replacement of locals only happen to opposition supporters who KPKB, lazy, want free rides from PAP. He looked dazed and deeply shocked, hopefully he watches those WSG/E2i advertisements to go retrain to be security guard or something.
Next is a a 50+ local auntie from dry market in Choa Chu Kang, for more than 10 years she was working for a Chinese lady boss selling cakes. She always praised PAP, very PRO PAP, always tell me no Singaporeans want to do her kind of job. Last week, I found her replaced by a PRC study mama that cannot understand Chinese nor Hokkien. I noticed the wet market, more than 90% of the workers are foreigners from Malaysia, Philippines and China. I guessed this 50+ local lady must be now enjoying life under PAP, no need to work so hard, waiting for PAP to distribute handouts?
My neighbour also very PRO PAP guy, Diploma from Singapore Polytechnic, working as retail supervisor, replaced by foreigner, sitting at home for more than 1 year already.
My property agent class mate told me recently 6 Indians and 5 Vietnamese on EP are asking him to look for condos in the west, they are working as bankers. Guess as PAP tells you all the time, all these jobs can’t find locals to do, they need to import these third world foreigners to help Singapore. What kind of pay if they are looking for condo? Surely not $1000 a month… that can only buy HDB. LOL
Anyway, HDB Chief had recently indicated the infrastructure is ready for 10M, more work passes were issued to foreigners last year and many years before. We assume there is no curb on importing foreigners as we will breaching 6M by 2018.
I went to SIM Lim recently, a shock of my life, almost 90% are foreigners. Where have the locals gone? All enjoying good life at home, waiting for hand outs from PAP? The same case at shopping, office complexes and public area. I also see a rising numbers of locals at my HDB block sitting at home and lots of foreigners moving into my flat. The replacement of locals seem to be exponential, you don’t see it?
Every PAP voter seems to believe they have a golden shield, all the replacement of locals at work won’t happen to them, only opposition supporters. This is something I cannot personally comprehend, can you tell me why?

Kane Camden


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