I am SOOOOO Proud to be a Singaporean Because I Could Not Even Afford to buy a New Pair of Jeans at $25!

I am SOOOOOOOOO proud to be a Singaporean because I could not even afford to buy a new pair of jeans at $25!

At about 6 PM on 12th September 2018 Wednesday, I discovered that the flyer/zipper on my jeans was spoilt just after my mediocre dinner. I only have $40 cash on hand and only $2 left in my bank account. If I were to buy a new pair of jeans immediately, I would have no money for food and transport the following day. If I don't buy a new pair of jeans immediately and save the money for my meals and transport expenses instead, I wouldn't be able to go out to work the following day because the zipper on my jeans was spoilt. Such was my dilemma.

Here is how my finances worked out:

On 10th September 2018 Monday, I have $57 in my bank account.

On 11th September 2018 Tuesday, I withdrew $50 from my bank account.

On 12th September 2018 Wednesday, I have about $40 cash on my hands and only $2 left in my bank account.

Fortunately for me, my Office Manager "Margaret Thatcher" lent me $200 to tide me over for a few days. I bought a new pair of jeans at $25 immediately, with the remaining money I have reserved for meals and transport expenses over the next few days until I get my August 2018 MEDIOCRE/MEAGRE salary.

No, I have not squandered away my MEDIOCRE/MEAGRE salary. The computer company which I am working for has cash flow problems itself and couldn't pay our MEDIOCRE/MEAGRE salaries on time for the past few months. In fact, I have only managed to receive my July 2018 MEDIOCRE/MEAGRE salary after a delay of more than 27 days.

On another note, this Clement Goh from the Finance Department at Econ Healthcare Group/Nursing Home is trying very hard to piss me off! Over the telephone, he told me he acknowledged my frustrations, and yet he keeps sending me messages to ask for payments!

And yes! I am SOOOO proud to be a Singaporean because I could not even afford to buy a new pair of jeans at $25. I almost have no money to eat and take bus and mrt had my Office Manager "Margaret Thatcher" not lent me $200 to tide over for the next few days. Remember Singapore is the richest country in the world?

And this bugger Clement Goh from Econ Healthcare Group had to keep sending me messages to ask for payments! Do you think I would not be pissed off?

I am a 40-year-old National University of Singapore (NUS) graduate. In Dec 2006, I graduated from NUS with a Bachelor degree (2nd class lower honors) in Mechanical Engineering. Besides the university degree, I also have 2 polytechnic diplomas from Singapore Polytechnic, one in Mechatronics Engineering and another in Computer Networking (based on CCNA curriculum).

You may ask, why does a university graduate in Singapore with 2 polytechnic diplomas have to live in such never-seen-before and unprecedented poverty? This is because, I, Teo En Ming, is a Targeted Individual. A Targeted Individual is a person who is persecuted, targeted and marked by the government, and in my case, the Singapore Government.


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